Frequently Asked Questions

What is SipTrip?

SipTrip is the community for finding and reviewing venues and locations around the UK offering no and low alcohol drinks. With the rapid growth of the no and low alcoholic beverage market, more and more venues offer these products and we're all about sharing the sober living love to seek out the best!

Is 0.5% alcohol free?

Some drinks have very small alcohol content, and that's why you'll sometimes hear the phrase 'no and low' drinks. Drinks which say they contain 0.5% alcohol may be deemed as either low-alcohol or, in drinks where alcohol has been extracted, de-alcoholised.

What are 'No and Low' drinks?

No = Alcohol-free. No more than 0.05% ABV. Drinks where alcohol has been extracted.
Low = Low-alcohol. No more than 1.2% ABV.

You may also find De-alcoholised drinks. These contain no more than 0.5% ABV, drinks where alcohol has been extracted.

Why can’t I see a review I’ve submitted?

Your review may be awaiting moderation, or may have been flagged due to content. As long as the content is deemed acceptable (according to SipTrip Terms and Conditions), your comment will go live shortly.

I own a venue and disagree with a review - what can I do?

Please contact the SipTrip moderators with as much information as you can provide, and they will review your query.

Why do I need to create an account?

All reviewers are asked to create an account to ensure the integrity and validity of reviews.

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